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Here are three reasons San Antonio businesses utilize document management from Benchmark:

  1. Productivity! Stop searching for the information you need and instead, act on that information.
  2. Streamlining the Process! Route documents where they will be secure and available.
  3. Integration! Document management allows integration to copiers and multifunction printers.

 San Antonio + Document Management = Benchmark!

Keep Your San Antonio Business Humming with Document Management

With document management from Benchmark, your equipment can be integrated with software that will automate your document processes. Any office supplier can sell you a piece of equipment. At Benchmark, our expert consultants and technicians in San Antonio will go the extra mile to make sure you have the exact document management solutions ideal for your needs. Plus, with Square 9 as an option for your document management, your content management solutions are endless. For example, some of these solutions include:

In addition, good document management increases productivity within the office and keeps your San Antonio business running smoothly. So, contact Benchmark in San Antonio today and let us get you on the right track of document security, productivity and profit.

We Keep San Antonio Offices Running with Copiers and Color Laser Printers

Businesses in San Antonio need the best laser printers and copiers available to keep them running securely and efficiently. That’s where Benchmark comes in. We offer the best in Xerox copiers and equipment, including monochrome laser printers, color laser printers, and multifunction printers. In addition, we offer document management services to streamline your workflow and keep your copiers running efficiently. Xerox is the world’s leading supplier of laser printers and document management solutions because it created many of the technologies involved. Founded in 1906, Xerox invented modern copiers in the late ’40s and printing in the late ’60s. Xerox equipment is still the best, for a reason. 

Laser Printers for Every Need

Benchmark understands that not all businesses are created alike. Big offices and small offices have different needs, which is why we offer a large selection of Xerox multifunction printers and copiers. If your office primarily needs traditional business documents, our monochrome devices give you sharp text and high quality. If you need a little more pizzazz, our color laser printers will give you what you need. And for multitasking fans, our multifunction printers double—or triple—as scanners and copiers as well.

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Benchmark provides multifunction printers, copiers, color laser printers, and document management solutions in San Antonio.

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