Total Clarity on Every Device on Your Network

Managing all of the different devices within your office is not an easy task. In fact, those who handle the daily (and endless) troubleshooting that comes with office equipment may even be worthy of their very own superhero cape.

As great as it feels to be everyone’s hero, we all know that saving the day eventually gets old when you are continually falling behind on your critical business tasks.

What is Managed Print Services?

  • Comprehensive Fleet Assessment
  • Constant Monitoring of Print Demands
  • Automated toner replenishment and delivery
  • All-inclusive service, support and repair
  • Preventative maintenance for your devices
  • Device optimization through consolidation and right-sizing of your fleet
  • Quarterly account reviews
  • Cost savings

Thankfully, there is a better way with Benchmark’s signature Managed Print Services, designed to help identify exactly which solution is right for you, tailor-made.

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The Dirty Little Secret About "Unmanaged" Print

The thing is, an “unmanaged” print environment is exactly what many office equipment vendors want you to have. That’s because you have no real gauge on what you are printing (and they want it that way). You order supplies only for them to sit on a shelf and collect dust, or in some cases, lose completely and have to reorder in a panic. You pay for copier repairs as they come. You cross your fingers each month that you can afford to pay your billing statement. Simply put, unmanaged print is unpredictable, costly, and unnecessary.

What’s more, the endless troubleshooting that happens daily in all print environments eats away at your office admin and IT HelpDesk’s time. Think about it – how many times has your office manager or managed IT services team had to drop what they were doing to help with a printer problem or clear a copier jam? These little fires add up for these key personnel and are not only time consuming, but also costly.

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Our Process

With Benchmark’s signature Managed Print Services Assessment Workflow approach, we eliminate the time-suck that is managing your printer fleet because quite frankly, it’s in our wheelhouse, not your office manager or IT department’s. We have longstanding partnerships with leading manufacturers of office copiers, color laser printers, managed IT services, and document management software. Here’s how we do it:

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Step 1: Plan

We use a secure data collection tool to identify your real-time device needs. This helps us identify your current service needs and pain points, to identify the solution that’s correct for you.

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Step 2: Design

We develop both a short and long-term strategy for your environment, including a replacement strategy for legacy devices, recommendations on devices to refresh, and overall education and support. We also think about inventory stocking considerations.

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Step 3: Produce

We deploy the solution we tailor-made for you, but our work doesn’t end there. We continue to collaborate with you, offering responsive service to help with future needs or remedy any issues that arise.

Step 4: Manage

We implement automated meter reads and reporting, as well as supply shipment on an ongoing basis. Additionally, we check in with you to monitor and optimize your entire system on an ongoing basis. It’s more than just toner.


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20/20 Focus on Your Entire Printer Fleet

Managed print means no more meltdowns, no surprises, just the simplicity of knowing exactly where all of your devices stand at any given moment. Professional services designed to free up your time and give you peace of mind when it comes to the more mundane tasks associated with managing a printer fleet.

Tailor-made, turnkey Managed Print Services can help any industry:

  • Reduce printing costs by up to 30%
  • Increase end-user productivity
  • Ease the burden on your IT department
  • Have predictable spending on service repairs
  • Lessen the amount of time spent ordering supplies
  • Streamline an entire fleet’s billing process
  • Visualize the who, what, when and where of every page produced

If you think that your printing expenses aren’t that bad, consider the fact that the average office worker prints 10,000 pages. Do you know where those pages are going?

Stop letting your print manage you, get control with signature Managed Print and Managed IT Services from Benchmark. Contact us today to get started with an initial Assessment Workflow.

As a managed print solution, we bring a lot to the table including access to office copiers and color laser printers, plus IT hardware solutions and document management software from leading providers. Our managed print services are your best friend in productivity no matter what kind of office or environment you work in.

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