How Common Are Security Attacks?

According to a Customer Satisfaction Index survey, respondents reported losing an average of $345,000 through security attacks. These attacks effect businesses of all sizes.

Multifunction Printers (MFP) are powerful assets for your business. These machines frequently produce the highest volume in the office by scanning, copying, printing and faxing massive amounts of confidential information every day. Because of the high complexity of technological features and high volume of confidential information, MFPs need a high level of protection.

Other security threats include computer viruses, some of which may even be disguised as print jobs.

Xerox incorporates powerful and specific security functions in its equipment. To assure the correctness and robustness of the design and implementation of Xerox equipment, third party certification is utilized. Xerox maintains equipment through software updates on an ongoing basis to keep products immunized against newly identified threats.

Security for the US Federal Government and Agencies

Xerox also specializes in securing the federal government’s systems and data by fully adopting the federally mandated Common Criteria Certification. The Common Criteria Certification means that clients have even more reason to be confident in security solutions from Xerox. The difference between Xerox and other vendors is Xerox certifies the security of the entire system, not just one or two of many potential areas for security breach.