5 Reasons a Multifunction Device is Worth It.


By: Shawnda Price, Marketing Intern A multifunction device (MFD) is a device that performs a variety of functions that would otherwise be carried out by separate devices. An example of this would be a printer that can make copies, faxes and scans. While these devices were originally designed for households and small businesses, many manufacturers, including Xerox and HP, now offer larger units for mid-sized to larger businesses. In addition to copies, faxes and scans, some MFD’s offer features such as cloud storage, translating capabilities, document security and mobile connectivity. So, why invest in a MFD?

1. Convenience A multifunction printer offers the convenience of additional features you may not have purchased originally. Maybe you don’t send or receive faxes very often so you haven’t felt the need to purchase a separate fax machine. With a multifunction printer, you may send or receive the occasional fax without the added hassle of a separate machine. Additionally, you have the convenience of scanning, copying and printing all in the same machine. 2. Conserve Space No more having a separate machine for every task in your office. Before you may have needed one fax machine, one printer, one scanner which eventually led to you having less space for more important items. Now, you have the option of the same functionality of all of those devices in one machine.

3. Cost Savings Another advantage to the MFD, you have one price for multi-functionality. Although the price for the MFD may be higher than a traditional printer, the price still adds up to less than all of the necessary machines separately. In addition to the cut costs from having only one machine, you only have to keep up with the maintenance and supplies for one machine, including ink/toner, paper and repairs. 4. Power Savings Multifunction devices usually use one cord to power the device, which cuts down on cable congestion and electricity uses that multiple machines may require. This also leads to increased cost savings as well. 5. Speed and Flexibility Xerox technology allows for multi-tasking while our competition does not. With a MFD, you can fax, print, scan, copy and more all at the same time and in the same place. Because of this time is cut in half and you have more time to get to the important matters in your home or office. With the extra features included, the productivity in your office will increase drastically. You will save time, money and space by purchasing a multifunction device for your home and office. View our product catalog to browse a full range of multifunction printers and devices. So, when are you getting yours?

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