3 Reasons Benchmark is the 'benchmark' for MPS

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By: Shawnda Price, Marketing Intern

Managed Print Services (MPS) are a set of services a business provides to other businesses to regulate and optimize daily workflow and office efficiency. When a proper managed print solution is in place, printing costs can be drastically reduced. Benchmark Business Solutions has offered document-related services for more than 20 years, is the number one Xerox Platinum Partner in Texas and New Mexico and is a Xerox Master Elite-accredited company. Benchmark went through a rigorous process to gain this accreditation, which shows we mean business.

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At Benchmark we solve real problems and tackle real goals. In other words, we’re ahead of the game with these services. Here is why:

1. Benchmark delivers seamless productivity solutions to its customers, and this Xerox Master Elite-accredited company sees MPS opportunities in every business transaction.

2. Benchmark grows each year, and with that so does our MPS portfolio of industry-leading products and innovative technology.

3. With investments from Xerox and the strategies implemented with their partners, there is no cap on how far Benchmark can take your office’s productivity. Benchmark is number one in the tiers of Xerox’s MPS Accreditation Program. As a part of Xerox’s Accreditation Program, Benchmark has access to enhanced sales and marketing support specialized training and analytics tools designed to maximize productivity and workflow with customers.

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