5 Reasons a Multifunction Device is Worth It.

A multifunction device (MFD) is a device that performs a variety of functions that would otherwise be carried out by separate devices. An example of this would be a printer that can make copies, faxes and scans. While these devices were originally designed for households and small businesses, many manufacturers, including Xerox and HP, now offer larger units for mid-sized to larger businesses. In addition to copies, faxes and scans, some MFD’s offer features such as cloud storage, translating capabilities, document security and mobile connectivity. So, why invest in a MFD?

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A Look Back at 2017

Happy New Year! We appreciate your continued faith in Benchmark to keep your offices running more efficiently and look forward to continuing our relationship with you. This year has been one with many highlights.

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Paper Handling Equipment to Meet the Toughest Standard - Yours

Are you interested in taking your print collateral to the next level? Benchmark can help you there. We partner with MBM Corporation, the leader in paper handling equipment since 1936. We consistently work to bring you a full range of world-class finishing equipment. Do you need to fold a stack of documents for a mailer? How about trim the edges off of a poster? With MBM products, you can take on any and every document related task with the highest quality cutters, folders, booklet makers, trimmers and shredders.

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Why Bargain Brand Printer Supplies Are a BAD Idea

By: Shawnda Price, Marketing Intern

When it comes to your Xerox printers, how often do you consider buying that generic brand product over the Xerox product because of that dazzling lower price? Pretty often?

While saving a few extra dollars by purchasing the generic brand printing supplies may seem like the smart choice now, it will not help the longevity of your printer. With toner you truly get what you pay for, and cheap toner can wreak havoc on your machine.

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Benchmark Receives BBB Torch Award

Benchmark friends, we have exciting news to share! On October 24, 2017, the Better Business Bureau of North Central Texas announced Benchmark Business Solutions as the large category winner of the 2017 Torch Award for Ethics.

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Print From Anywhere with Any Device

By: Devon Burgess, Marketing Intern

In the digital age, accessibility to information is key for everyone. Thanks to the emergence of the smartphone, accessibility to all the things we need is right at our fingertips. In fact, 70 percent of the world’s population will own a smartphone by the end of the decade, according to a 2016 study by Xerox. In addition, working remotely from a smartphone or tablet was the preferred choice for nearly half of American workers last year.

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Benchmark Business Solutions Expands with Acquisition of TonerTiger, Inc.

We have exciting news to share!

Benchmark Business Solutions, Inc., the number one Xerox sales agency in the U.S., is pleased to announce the acquisition of TonerTiger, Inc., a managed print services (MPS) and IT solutions provider in Abilene, Texas.

TonerTiger was founded in 1996 by David and Jamie Belz as a toner cartridge remanufacturing reseller based in Brownwood, Texas, before moving to Abilene in 2001. The company has since evolved to become a Silver HP Partner, offering managed print solutions and IT hardware services across the state of Texas and beyond.

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Benchmark's Benchmarks (Our Story)

In 1994, Benchmark Business Solutions opened its doors in Lubbock, Texas, with a commitment to be the vendor of choice for all document-related solutions in the South Plains of Texas. While this commitment remains the same today, sustaining corporate expectations and vision mean exciting changes have occurred over time. The Benchmark team has grown beyond the city limits of Lubbock and the state of Texas. The organization’s leadership has successfully evolved and adapted to an ever-changing industry, all while providing unduplicated service and earning national recognition.

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4 Paper Tips to Prevent Jams, Achieve Perfect Print Jobs

Most people know ink and toner levels, as well as an occasional cleaning, are the primary necessities for maintaining great print results. While those are important, there is another primary component that should be handled with extreme care – paper. Benchmark wants your printer and paper performing like a champ. Follow these simple guidelines to get unduplicated results on every print:

1 - Paper Handling

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Donations for Businesses Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

The devastation Hurricane Harvey has had on the Texas coast is well beyond what could have been expected. Many of our staff have family or friends impacted by the disaster, and our thoughts and prayers are with them all.

Benchmark Business Solutions launched a fundraiser in an effort to help out businesses in the path of the storm, including three Xerox agency partners. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to small businesses like ours that have been impacted by the hurricane.

Thank you to those who contributed to our fundraiser. We will share results soon.

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